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In my art, I question what a drawing is and how it can affect thinking. Mark making, time, and space are integral to this investigation to expand my notion of the medium. Time is a system of measurement while space invites unusual formal dialogues. Eastern philosophy, Avis Newman, metaphor, and post minimalism all influence my practice. I aim to create in between dimensions. It is there that drawing opens to what it can be.

Traditionally, drawing is a rendering of a subject on a two dimensional surface. In my work, it is used as a tool to expand how to see and experience the medium and its relationship to thinking.

Avis Newman's statement, “A mark is sign of thought.”, informs my work on many levels. It encourages me to concentrate on what is happening in my mind as I work. How do thoughts form in relation to the movement of my hand or body? Do they align as my marks do, and then trail off and meet again? This led to an interest in the relationship between drawing and time. How is time experienced during the act of drawing? Does it fragment as a line bends?

Eastern philosophy informs and guides my practice. It encourages forming perspectives from an even, in-between place. The Taoist concept of non-hierarchy influences how works are conceived.   Installations and spatial drawings called Conglomerates appear grow out of their surroundings by incorporating the many contrasting elements and materials found there.  This opens both to  a reciprocal dialogue. Drawings become an integral part of an environment and shift in form for as long as they are there.

Non-hierarchy also influences my multi-dimensional approach to drawing and, in turn, perpetuates my process. Installations, 3D, and 2D works function on the same level. This allows them to engage in a mutual relationship, each informing and redeveloping the other. The sketch, while often seen as a spring board for arriving at a fully realized work, is at the core of this hierarchy, Sketches show a thought process; raw ideas and marks. I aim to preserve this quality in my works by leaving them at different stages of "finished". A work "ends"
 when a  timer goes off or can continue to evolve and fragment in a space. This allows for viewers to see and engage in the thought process of a drawing. It also gives them space to finish a peice in their mind.

Recent works are created in timed increments, allowing for reflection. In both my 3D and 2D drawings, shadow lines are recorded and traced over several minutes or hours. These marks become metaphors for thoughts. Surprise alignments bring about moments of clarity and insight. Where 2D works are composed of hand drawn lines, 3D works called Conglomerates reconsider how to see and make a mark. 

Resulting works become frameworks for consideration. Variation is employed to see what happens next.


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